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Who is dealing with these issues?

The Tremont Fire Protection District has served the Tremont community for over 80 years and takes pride in responding to the emergency needs of its residents. The district, roughly bordered by Townline, Towerline, Allentown and Weishaupt Roads, covers approximately 75 square miles and 2000 households. Responding to about 70 calls per year, the Tremont Fire Department enthusiastically strives to ensure the safety of the Tremont community’s citizens and property.

Bruce Williams - 2009 Firefighter of the YearTremont Fire Department is proud of its human resources. Structured as an all volunteer department, the district currently has 25 firefighters who come from all walks of life including mechanics, software and medical professionals, carpenters, business owners and a bank president. These include newer members who have less than a year’s experience to the Chief who has served this district for over 40 years. As many volunteer departments across the country struggle to sustain sufficient manpower, Tremont has enjoyed a stable base of firefighters who are willing and able to respond at all hours of the day.

Today’s firefighters respond to more than simply fires. Tremont firefighters are responsible for confined space rescues, hazardous materials incidents and many other emergencies. Firefighters continue to adapt to these new challenges by attending training locally, within the county, and at numerous “fire schools” across the state. Hundreds of hours are spent each year in training.

Tremont Fire Protection Destrict TrusteesEqually important is having the right equipment to do the job. Through sound fiscal management provided by a three member Board of Trustees, Tremont has invested in firefighting apparatus and personal firefighter equipment to provide competent response to every type of incident from small grass fires to severe vehicle accidents to large structure fires. In rural areas, tank trucks can provide over 7000 gallons of water to assure an effective attack.

In addition to its own resources, Tremont also has mutual aid agreements with all of the fire departments in Tazewell County. This provides access to the resources of 20 other fire departments by simply making the call for assistance. Of course, Tremont is more than happy to reciprocate should any of these other departments need our help.

The Department is also a member of MABAS Division 42. MABAS is a state-wide mutual aid system which provides the same sort of “we’re here to help you if you need us” agreements with fire departments throughout Illinois. Essentially, it means all of the fire departments in Illinois are available to help Tremont should the need arise.

The Tremont Fire Department has earned ISO Public Protection Certification ratings of 6 within village limits and 8 in rural areas of the district. These ratings evaluate the department’s performance in responding to fire emergencies. The graph below reveals that these ratings put Tremont in good company with other Illinois fire departments.

Tremont Fire Department graph