Tremont Illinois
Tremont Turkey Festival 2016
This year we are celebrating our volunteers, our hometown heros. Volunteers come in many forms -- little league coaches, scout leaders, firefighters and EMTs, school board members, park board members, the list goes on and on -- and they all share their time and talents to make a difference in the lives of others. We want to thank all of the people who step forward and help shape our community, especially the hundreds of volunteers who work together each year to bring you a weekend of family-friendly fun and great food at the Tremont Turkey Festival.

Food is a big part of our festival. From strawberry shortcakes, to pancakes and sausage on Saturday morning, to our famous grilled turkey, we have plenty of options to offer and you might just want to try them all. Come out and enjoy the hard work of some of our hometown heroes – join us for the celebration at the Tremont Turkey Festival.
Turkey Festival 2016

No Dogs Allowed
The Tremont Park District ordinances prohibit dogs in the park with the exception of guide dogs, so unfortunately you will need to leave Fido at home.
The Turkey Festival Needs You!
Looking for a way you can help out at the festival? Consider volunteering to work in the food line on Friday, June 12. We are often short on volunteers on Friday so we would love to have you help out on that day. Feel free to bring your family and friends along too! Simply email us and let us know when you are willing and available to help. If the food line is not your thing, we have plenty of other places where you can help. Contact the festival chairpeople Mark and Melissa Zaayenga for more information. Thanks in advance for your time and enthusiasm.