Tremont Illinois
Tremont Police Department
Mission Statement

The Tremont Police Department is dedicated to excellent police service through partnerships that reduce crime, create a safe environment, build trust and enhance the quality of life in our community. We are committed to delivering quality service to our community in an effective, responsive and professional manner.


1. We treat other people with respect and dignity. A person's race, creed or social standing does not influence me. (How? Treat citizens the way you would want another officer to treat your mother, father, son or daughter.)
2. The actions we take are geared towards making Tremont a better place for all to live and work.
3. Absolute honesty and integrity in dealing with others, both inside and outside the police department.
4. Absolute honesty in report writing and testifying in court. Nothing is worth compromising my personal integrity.
5. We take every opportunity possible for training and police skills development.
6. We recognize our fundamental duty, as a police officer is to protect the rights of citizens according to the United States Constitution.
7. We conform to the Law Enforcement Officer Code of Ethics.
8. We recognize our fundamental duty is to serve and protect other people.
9. We value the input of all the residents in the community. We recognize police and citizens working together are necessary help to keep the community safe.

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