Tremont Illinois
Sampson Street Revitalization

What is the Sampson Street Revitalization?

This project has been developed in cooperation with the Village Board. We began work on the concept in 2017 when the Village Board informed us they were embarking on a large project that entailed upgrades for sewer and water infrastructure throughout the village. That work began in 2018 and will continue into 2020. It is anticipated that portions of Sampson Street will need to be torn up and rebuilt. The Village had agreed to rebuild the Sampson St./ Walnut St. intersection following the new design developed by TWC and the Village engineer. Additional redesign work will be done when and if funds become available. Although the timeline for this project calls for the major work on Sampson Street to be done in 2020 we believe we will have the opportunity to begin working on small portions of the upgrades very soon.

Tremont Winning Communities will be managing all of the Landscaping work much as we have in the past with the Tiber Creek Project and Village Community Center. We will be seeking funding through a number of resources such as: the Betterment Association, private citizen donations, corporate donations, grants and volunteer help.

Please, click on the following link to view design renderings and pricing. TWC would encourage any group or organization wanting more information to contact Brock Butts (309-241-4462) to schedule a presentation for the organization.

- Sampson Street Renderings/Pricing