Tremont Illinois
Tremont Board of Trustees

Todd Bong
Village President
P: 925-5711

Scott Getz
Village Trustee (Public Works)
P: 925-5711

Drew Scranton
Village Trustee (Finance)
P: 214-5332

Ken Harding
Village Trustee (Building/Grounds)
P: 361-7816

Sherena Smith
Village Trustee (Personnel)
P: 925-5711

Nate Zuercher
Village Trustee (Police)
P: 925-5711

John Replogle
Village Trustee (Zoning & Planning)
P: 925-5119

David Lucas
Village Clerk
P: 925-5711
Board of Trustees
Village Office
Water Department
Community Center


Board Meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00pm