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In 2004, the Tremont School District was honored with three coveted awards from the State of Illinois. These results were accomplished by the high standards the community works towards everyday.

The district was awarded the Bright A+ award, the Bright Star Award and Financial Recognition Award. To receive just one award is an accomplishment in and of itself, but to have been presented with all three designations, indicates Tremont's commitment to education. This commitment can be attributed to the strong values of the community.

When compared to the states composite ACT scores, Tremont District 702 excels. The 2004 Illinois Standards Achievement Tests indicated 94% of our students meet or exceed state standards. In 2004, 89% of the graduates went on to higher education. The district budget ended in a balanced position.

The district provides our students with the "Tradition of Educational Excellence"

Tremont Grade School
Becky Hansen, Principal
200 S James • Tremont, IL 61568
(309) 925-4841 • Email:

Tremont Middle School
Jeremy Garrett, Principal
400 W Pearl • Tremont, IL 61568
(309) 925-3823 • Email:

Tremont High School
Sean Berry, Principal
400 W Pearl • Tremont, IL 61568
(309) 925-2051 •  Email:

Special Education Office
Andrea Snyder, Director
200 S James • Tremont, IL 61568
(309) 925-4841 •  Email:

Tremont C.U.S.D. #702 (Superintendant Office)
Jeff Hinman, Superintendent
400 W Pearl • Tremont, IL 61568
(309) 925-3461 • Email:

Online Illinois College Report

SR Education Group, an education publisher, recently published a comprehensive report on Online Colleges in Illinois. Last year, there were approximately 166,604 students who received their college education from these online institutions in Illinois. Most of them are public institutions, and the tuition can be as low as $3,840 per year of study. The full report can be found here: