Tremont Illinois Statistics

Tremont, a village in Tazewell County, Illinois, is located in North Central Illinois and is part of the greater Peoria MSA. Tremont has a total area of 0.9 square miles, and is situated approximately 18 miles Southeast of Peoria, off of Interstate 155 and Route 9. The closest major cities include Chicago (160 miles to the Northeast) and St. Louis (150 miles Southwest). The town was incorporated on July 25, 1835.

City: Tremont
County: Tazewell County
State: IL / Illinois
Postal Code(s): 61568

Elevation: 650 feet
City Type: Village
Category as used for US Census purposes

Latitude: 40.525687
Longitude: -89.490443

Land Area: 2468576 square meters / 0.953123 square miles
Water Area: 0 square meters / 0.000000 square miles
Within city boundaries as defined for US Census purposes

Tremont Age and Gender Demographics

Total Population: 2029
Male: 978
Female: 1051
Median Age: 36.9

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Tremont Relationships and Households

No. of Housing Units: 835
No. of Owned Units: 602
No. of Rented Units: 214

Average Household Size: 2.49
Average Family Size: 2.99

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Economic Characteristics

Median Household Income: $47,137
Median Income for Family: $53,800

Families Below Poverty Level: 2.0%
Individuals Below Poverty Level: 2.5%

*Statistics provided by Maps-n-Stats & U.S Census Bureau