Tremont Illinois
Tremont Winning Communities

In 2007, the Tremont Winning Communities organization was formed through a series of public meetings with the goal of assisting the community in meeting the vision developed by its citizens. To date, we have organized, funded, and completed several projects including the Tiber Creek Project, the new Community Center, and clean-up of the Southeast Lake.

The Winning Communities mission statement serves as a guide throughout the entire community planning process: "The mission of Winning Communities is to improve the quality of life in Tremont, to increase the pride of current residents and to entice new people and businesses to live and work here.”

If you have ideas or suggestions for future projects, please contact us. We welcome your input.

Board Members
President – Brock Butts
Vice President – Jeff Kaiser
Secretary – Jeff Hinman
Treasurer – Tom Gibson
Todd Bong
Lou Wicks
Tom Haas
Doug Tucker
Gerry Olsen
Dave Bitting
Peggy Ramsey
Curt Fisher
Jeff Hinman
Lori Fuoss
Tom Gibson
Steve Bechtel
Dale Stuber
Jeff Kaiser
Brock Butts
Current Projects

TEAM Project
Over the past few months, we have discussed the need to take a fresh look at our goals and to get renewed input from the public. We plan to do that this fall by holding several community meetings and we want to get Tremont youth more involved with the process. This will be done through what we are calling our Team Initiative.
The TEAM Initiative (Total Engagement Adds Meaning) develops students through training and follows the Winning Communities process of creating a Vision/Action plan in Tremont.
Learn More About TEAM

Welcome Signs Project

The new Welcome to Tremont sign on the East side of Tremont is now complete. This sign will enhance the eastern approach into Tremont and provide a welcoming message for traffic on Route 9. Our goals with this project are to:
•Place a new sign on the east side of Tremont.
•Enhance the existing sign on the west side of Tremont.
•Create a positive impression for travelers on Rt. 9.
•Instill a sense of civic pride in our current residents.
•Appeal to future residents and businesses.

South Street Lake Project
We have initiated a project to clean up and maintain the South Street Lake. Clean up of debris and overgrowth was completed in 2014. Ongoing maintenance and upkeep will help provide a clean eastern approach into the village.

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